the reboot joy confession

likewise, with this ‘un, another plucked from a random bandcamp rummage, that’s been burrowing deeep into the headspace laying all manners of eggs and earworms. by the reboot joy confession, this ‘1999’ a track from a far bigger three track collectively called ‘spirit of the planets’ EP. Alas, not a cover of the Gray composed theme tune for the Anderson’s sci-fi adventure of the same name, instead you might want to stick around with this in order to give it a chance to seep in deep and settle, because once rid of its loosening up noodling, give it about a minute or so, whereby its trying to find its feet, something touched with a distinctive 808 State styling starts to step to the plate and it doesn’t stop there, morphing with subtle precision, it soon incorporates elements of smoky after hours jazz noire to its aural artillery which off-set by a mellow funk bitten vibing, cut the kind of chic coding that imagines emperor penguin flirting with edwin moses. that said, we here are a little fond of the title track as well, this time enlisting the talents of Dwight Trible, this hallucinogenic cosmic tripper is coolly kookified with a head freaking dub doped jazz soul frying the type of which, in another time, place or dimension, would have found a welcome home at both the tummytouch and frank wobbly and sons imprints.

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